Traveller Interactive

Augmented Reality experience for large screens

INDE's first fully interactive AR system allowing viewers to gesture control the movement of characters – a robot, an astronaut and a dinosaur – on screen, creating an incredibly realistic and unique immersive experience.

Download the Traveller Interactive BroadcastAR content PDF to see the whole cast of 3D characters and the technical spec sheet.


With great crowd engagement and excellent social sharing support, the best part of Traveller Interactive is that it is a great media space for advertising and branding.

Traveller Interactive is an augmented reality system with total interactivity and enhanced 3D content quality that are making user experience more realistic than ever.

The Traveller Interactive big screen experiences run on INDE's Appshaker BroadcastAR system which puts customisable, interactive, Augmented Reality 3D experiences on any screen, indoor or outdoor digital signage or temporary LED / Plasma screen.

Appshaker BroadcastAR is adaptable in footprint to allow its installation in event and public spaces via retail environments to museums and educational experiences. 

The system connects seamlessly with our SnapShare module to create instant jpg and video snapshots for immediate share via social media.