4 times when INDE revolutionised fan experiences with Augmented Reality-powered photo booths

We've introduced our Augmented Reality-powered photo booth called HeroMirror 3 years ago, which has been often imitated but never really got duplicated. We can see why our kiosk-sized AR experience inspired our competitors. It's the ultimate entertainment solution for any location, from cinema foyers to stadiums, malls and museum spaces. HeroMirror keeps audiences of all ages entertained and engaged while simultaneously generating ROI from multiple user takeaway options.

We've ranked our favourite HeroMirror installs based on both uniqueness and hard measures such as user engagement. Let's get started!

Warner Bros promoted their first Pokémon live-action movie with 10 HeroMirror installs

What could be better than an interactive photo booth that lets fans to take a picture with Pikachu? Ten photo booths across the United States! Warner Bros partnered with us in late 2018 to promote their upcoming movie, and we were more than happy to bring the protagonist of the new film to life. After seeing the instant success of the installation at ComicCon Brasil and CinemaCon, WB reached out to us to deploy the experience to 10 AMC theatres right before the premiere of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu.

We've brought back the founder of Tennent's Brewery back to life

Beer may not mix well with other alcoholic beverages, but one of our favourite HeroMirror installs proves that it works perfectly with Augmented Reality. We have combined with Creative Marketing Agency, Fore to launch a kiosk-sized photo booth for Tennent's new interactive visitor centre that offered visitors a unique photo opportunity with the ghost of Hugh Tennent, the brewery's founder.

The AR experience has proven to be very effective when it comes to user engagement: it has generated over 3000 interactions, 1213 video shares, and contributed to a 70% increase in visitors.

AR Alexander Hamilton tests your knowledge on history

Earlier this year Madame Tussauds Washington joined the increasing number of museums that engage its visitors through immersive technologies. This project is near and dear to our hearts, as it was the very first HeroMirror that doesn't only offer a unique photo opportunity, but also "gamification" of the user interaction.

Visitors can trigger the experience through motion sensors. After that, the lifelike version of the founding father asks three questions to test their knowledge on the history and presents multiple answers in "game show" style. Gesture control let users select the right answer by lifting their left or right arm. At the end of the user journey, Hamilton offers the final score and the prize: users can take a picture with him and keep it by the printing or sharing their experience via email.

Interactivity plays a crucial role in Augmented Reality, and therefore an easy-to-use interaction method is necessary. The vast majority of these solutions rely on expensive additional hardware, such as Kinect or Real Sense, however, our R&D team came up with a real-time gesture control method that relies on deep learning and uses only a conventional camera without any depth-sensing ability. This can make our AR experiences more cost effective in the future.

Female Disney characters brought together women in computing

We've created a unique HeroMirror AR experience to Disney, which allowed fans to interact and pose for photos with some of their well-known characters at GHC '18, a three-day celebration designed to bring together women in computing. Visitors could pick their favourite female character, - Minnie, Elastigirl from The Incredibles, Vanellope from the Wreck-It Ralph franchise, Shuri from Avengers or Ray from Star Wars - strike a pose, then print or share the photo.

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Heroes right off the shelf

Although we can bring any characters to life from heroes to villains, athletes to the Queen of England, we also offer off-the-shelf, exceptionally high-quality 3D content from our ever-expanding catalogue. Remote content updates ensure quick and easy renewal of the HeroMirror experience when needed and instant adaption to potential changes in the target audience, event theme or location.


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