Augmented Reality: Transforming Wide-Ranging Industries

In today’s fast-moving, digital world, traditional methods of storytelling just don’t quite cut it. Instead, sectors as diverse as retail, advertising, entertainment and education are turning to immersive technologies to capture attention and inspire audiences.

We’ve taken a look at some exciting retail and marketing projects making use of Augmented Reality technology.

Retail: The AR Applications Transforming the Way We Shop

Increasingly, AR is being used to connect with shoppers and build retail brands’ visibility.

The fashion heavyweight, American Apparel have created an app that uses AR technology to allow users to scan products whilst shopping and see reviews, alternative colours and extra information helping them to decide whether to buy or not to buy.

Users can also watch videos of models wearing the clothing items and quickly send images of the products to friends for a second (or third) opinion. This app blurs the edges of online and in-person shopping to make life easier for shoppers and position the brand as a reliable name.

IKEA have also got in on the AR action, creating an app that allows users to see how furniture items could look in their own living rooms. By placing true-to-scale, 3D images of furniture in their homes via their iPhone camera lens, people can buy with confidence.

Marketing: Setting the Advertising World Alight

Many major companies are turning to AR to advertise their products and services. For example, Pepsi installed AR technology throughout London bus shelters, which attracted 8+ million views on YouTube.

A high-definition camera was positioned on the outside of the shelter, filming the street beyond to make the wall appear to be made of glass. Then surreal scenarios were projected onto the wall, surprising and delighting passers-by! Another proof that AR initiatives get you noticed.

The Potential of AR

The above projects demonstrate how far-reaching and diverse the potential of AR technologies can be. Whether it’s entertainment, retail or education, immersive technologies are a clever tool for engaging with audiences on a deeper level.

Simplifying information, fostering deeper emotional connection and standing out - Augmented Reality can get your brand seen, heard and remembered. 

Funding: The Audience of the Future Challenge

The Audience of the Future Challenge has helped projects such as these get off the ground.

This challenge is part of the government scheme to support creative technology in the UK. An impressive £33 million is being invested into wide ranging digital projects to test the boundaries of immersive tech.

The challenge has been split into three parts;

  • A demonstrator programme to see how new ideas test with large audiences

  • A research and development phase to gain deeper insights into audience behaviour and the capabilities of the proposed schemes

  • A new centre for excellence to host workshops, events and facilitate research

About Innovate UK

Innovate UK are part of UK Research and Innovation and are the organisation responsible for running the Audience of the Future project.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to learn about projects they’ve supported, subscribe to the Innovate UK YouTube channel.

About INDE

Augmented Reality company INDE has already put life-sized digital dinosaurs, whales and jaguars into museums, zoos, theme parks and shopping centres worldwide.

Learn more about INDE’s mobile and large-screen AR experiences here.