7 Killer Use Cases of Augmented Reality

Different Objectives, the Same Brilliant Tool: AR

Since 2011 we have developed location-based and mobile Augmented Reality products and experiences in over 40 countries, for the world’s leading entertainment and education brands. Below are some of the greatest examples of how they utilised AR to revolutionise the way they engage, educate and entertain their audiences.


BBC "Frozen Planet" Broadcast AR

The large-screen AR experience, launched in support of BBC's Blu-ray/DVD Frozen Planet, allowed viewers to interact with the animals of the Polar Region. The greatest moments were captured by the system, so people could share their experience online.


"DoSeum: CityLab" Mobile AR app

The DoSeum commissioned INDE to develop an AR tabletop game for children, allowing them to discover the possibilities of creating healthy and balanced cities, as part of their interactive adventures at San Antonio's Museum for Kids.

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Universal Studios "Jurassic Park" Broadcast AR

The definitive dinosaur experience produced exclusively for Jurassic Park at Universal Studios, Orlando with American Express, featuring some of the world's most realistic 3D dinos ever created in Augmented Reality. 

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Coca-Cola & WWF "Arctic Home" Broadcast AR

A powerful partnership between a non-profit organisation and a global brand to promote the preservation of nature’s finite resources. The objective was to raise awareness and funds supporting the conservation of the polar bears’ home affected by climate change.


"Goodbye Rhinos" Mobile AR app

The MobileAR application brought to life the world's biggest rhino sculpture created by Gillie and Marc. The app, featuring photo-realistic, animated 3D rhinos, provided a powerful narrative to the artwork, "resurrecting" the last three Northern White Rhinos on earth. 

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Adidas Tango League AR experience

A custom AR experience that allowed Adidas Tango League participants to virtually impress – or alternatively, disappoint – Brasil and Real star Marcelo with their football tricks, placing the freestylers right beside the football icon at multiple live events worldwide.


"Air, Land & Sea" Broadcast AR at Toronto Zoo

Air, Land & Sea – an AR experience created in collaboration with the National Geographic Society – was used in combination with Nat Geo's stunning photography, to highlight the work the zoo is doing to ensure the ongoing survival of the world's most vulnerable species.

As an increasing number of institutions and companies in entertainment are looking at innovative ways to provide unforgettable experiences to their audiences, Augmented Reality has become one of the most sought-after technologies today.

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