INDE’s Latest Interactive Augmented Reality Experience Launches Worldwide

August 20, 2018 — INDE’s BroadcastAR Interactive system – featuring Brazil and Real Madrid football player Marcelo – debuted at an Adidas Tango League event in Los Angeles in June 2018. This was followed by similar events in Berlin, Madrid, Milan and Paris, around the kickoff of the FIFA World Cup. The experience allowed Tango League participants to meet Marcelo and impress him with their football tricks, bringing the football star to life in real time at each location.

Since the first Tango League installations – that generated massive interest in the AR platform and the technology – the system has been deployed in multiple locations and various events across Europe, including Adidas stores in Budapest and Bratislava, the FIFA eWorld Cup in London, a shopping mall in Prague, and a Tango League event in Amsterdam.

Marcelo brought to life in multiple Adidas Tango League events worldwide, using INDE's AR platform

“BroadcastAR has always provided a unique way for people to interact with virtual characters and creatures. We've always looked for ways to allow even more interaction for viewers to enjoy deeper immersion and connection with our characters. BroadcastAR Interactive is a first step on the road for a fully immersive experience utilising a natural user interface for a seamless integration,” said Norbert Kovacs, INDE’s CTO.

BroadcastAR Interactive – a customisable large-screen Augmented Reality experience, now available worldwide – provides the ultimate and highest quality solution for brands seeking to revolutionise the way they engage and entertain their audiences.

UK company INDE has already put life-sized digital dinosaurs, whales and jaguars into museums, zoos, theme parks and shopping centres worldwide.

Learn more about INDE’s large-screen and mobile Augmented Reality experiences here.

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