January 24, 2018 — Every year the NGA Show welcomes food manufacturers, service providers and grocery industry experts to share fresh ideas and innovative thinking about products, services and technologies that help strengthen the industry. Augmented Reality company INDE will be joining this year’s NGA Expo held in Las Vegas, February 11-14, to showcase its latest retail developments utilising cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality and Computer Vision.  

Attendees will be offered personal demos and first-hand information on a range of next-generation retail solutions – an Augmented Reality store window custom-developed for Tillys retail stores, INDE’s retail analytics platform called VYU, HoloLens and MobileAR experiences –, and get valuable insight into how these developments are shaping the future of digital retail.

“Retail is about to look very different than it has in years past”, said Sterling Hawkins, Retail Futurist overseeing innovation at the NGA show. “Many emerging technologies, like INDE, give shoppers deeper experiences, more meaningful interactions and increased value across the board.”

Alex Poulson, CEO of INDE said: “Three years ago the team at INDE identified the Retail sector as one the top areas for potential application of our augmented reality solutions. 2018 marks the year we will arrive with not 1, not 2 but 3 products developed specifically to attract, entertain and ultimately drive engagement for retailers across the world. We’re excited to be a part of one of the largest conventions in retail and look forward to meeting everyone!”

VYU AR (Previously RetailAR)

INDE’s interactive digital display, placing layers of Augmented Reality content directly onto an existing shop window. Using a custom-designed 3D calibration system built by INDE, all 2D and 3D content is is fully customisable and can be matched to fit different store layouts.


The idea of INDE’s standalone computer vision device was triggered by the need of measuring the engagement of the audience at our installations. It gives insight into customers’ behaviour in any space, and delivers data that is of vital importance when it comes to sales, marketing and staffing decisions.


Product recognition allowing any type of product-related information and content to be triggered by the actual product, which will be demonstrated through examples such as a Vans shoe triggering sample data and a Barilla pasta box triggering recipe ideas.


A wearable device INDE will use to demonstrate the importance of spatial mapping and the sense of scale with 3D content, its ability to recognise and localise objects in real-time, as well as help explore new ways of storytelling, interaction and user experience.


MobileAR is a creative tool to enhance real-world objects and environments by adding an extra layer of information – content such as 3D characters, image, video, text, sound and more – to them, opening a wide range of options for both in-store and out-of-store campaigns.

As an increasing number of retail companies are looking at innovative ways to provide unforgettable experiences to their customers, Augmented Reality has become one of the most sought-after technologies today.

Learn more about INDE’s large-screen and mobile Augmented Reality experiences here.

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