****28 September 2015****


INDE (, developer of interactive and immersive AR & VR products in entertainment, marketing and education has completed its purchase of UK based digital agency Appshaker Ltd.

The deal marks the culmination of 12 months of collaboration between both management teams to achieve a seamless integration of systems, staff and content into INDE's product portfolio, positioning the business for worldwide growth in the key emerging technology areas of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

INDE now offers Appshaker’s award-winning BroadcastAR platform - currently deployed for National Geographic, Smithsonian, BBC and more - alongside its current product portfolio of MobileAR, LiveAvatar, PresentAR and Computer Vision. The company believes strongly that it will be able to promote this platform to educational institutions and entertainment in its key markets of North America, Middle-East and Asia. The product will be marketed as Appshaker BroadcastAR from September 2015.

INDE operates a product-oriented approach to development across key technologies such as MobileAR and LiveAvatar, with new product launches in Computer Vision and the medical industry planned in 2015 and 2016. It operates in the UK and Budapest, and plans to open new offices in Los Angeles and Hong Kong during 2016.

Of the development, INDE’s CEO Alex Poulson states:

“Since 2011 Appshaker has taken enormous strides in the development of emerging technology, which it predominately offered as as part of a service to both brands and agencies worldwide. The integration of these skills into their new home at INDE allows the team to enhance these applications in a product-based environment, whilst continuing to explore and evangelise new areas of technology. We believe that INDE’s expanded portfolio will enable it to grow into more markets that offer the prospect of strong, long term growth."

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