13 Killer Augmented Reality Installations in Shopping Malls Around The World

Let’s face it, competition among retailers is fiercer than ever, and – understandably – retailers are very demanding with shopping malls when it comes to generating footfall. Not only is there competition among shopping malls for that footfall, but e-commerce has steadily been chipping away from the brick and mortar retailers’ market share. On the other hand, shopping malls are undoubtedly among the most convenient venues when it comes to brand activations.

This is where BroadcastAR, our large-screen AR experience comes into play. Here’s an impressive list of shopping malls around the world – some of them as client, others as venue – that have hosted our BroadcastAR platform to increase footfall and engagement, and even generate ROI through the sales of photos/videos captured during the AR experience:

1. BBC “Frozen Planet” AR – Short Hills Mall, Woodfield Mall, Sunvalley Mall, US

2. National Geographic “Traveller” Augmented Reality – Allee Mall, Hungary

3. “Icy Experience” Augmented Reality – CityPlaza, Hong Kong

4. “Back to the Jurassic” and “Traveller” AR – Pradera Concepcion, Guatemala

5. “Air, Land & Sea” Augmented Reality – Morocco Mall, Morocco

6. “Arctic Explorer” AR Experience – intu Trafford Centre, UK

Trafford Centre_1.jpg

7. “Guinness World Records” Augmented Reality – Garden State Plaza, US

8. “Air, Land & Sea” Augmented Reality Experience – CityLife, Italy

CityLife Milano Augmented Reality.jpg

9. “Back to the Jurassic” AR Experience – Colombo City Centre Mall, Sri Lanka

10. National Geographic “Traveller” Augmented Reality – 360 Mall, Kuwait

11. “Air, Land & Sea” and ”Back to the Jurassic” – Amoreiras, Portugal

12. “Ocean Adventure” Augmented Reality – Telford Plaza, Hong Kong

13. “Arctic Explorer” AR Experience – Adigeo (ECE), Verona