Broadcast AR Interactive

An interactive, large-screen Augmented Reality experience

for brands, events & more


BroadcastAR is designed to deliver individual and group Augmented Reality experiences in public environments.

It provides the ultimate and highest quality solution for brands seeking to revolutionise the way they:


As they step in front of the AR screen, visitors are immersed in a photo-realistic digital experience to meet a well-known character – a star, a hero or an idol


The system allows visitors to interact with the AR character appearing right beside them in real time, and provides visitors a photo opportunity with the character


Branded content from the AR experience can be shared for free or monetized, allowing on-site / in-store revenue generation through photo and video sales

Project Example:

Augmented Reality experience for Pizza Hut @ Super Bowl Fan Gallery

An interactive large-screen AR experience that allowed fans to meet and dance with the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver duo – Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster – at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, Jan 26 - Feb 3, 2019. 

Event stats:
Total number of interactions: 6240
Shares via email: 3543
Shares via Twitter: 964
Shares via Facebook: 1578
Direct downloads: 2812

How does Broadcast AR work?

1.)  Visitor steps in front of the screen   

2.) Character appears on screen next to Visitor 

3.) Visitor INTERACTS with the AR character   

4.) photo/video opportunity with the character  

5.) Shareable content generated

Character Options

ANY character can be integrated into Broadcast AR, from athletes to celebrities, heroes and idols

People do engage with characters they know/like, in much more conventional ways... imagine adding AR to that!

Our in-house production studio – working with partners and clients such as Universal Studios, National Geographic and Adidas – can create the highest quality animated 3D and green screen (2D) characters of your choice from scratch.

See character ideas below:

Sample Augmented Reality characters for our BroadcastAR Interactive experience

Interactivity Options

The audience can interact with the AR characters through:

1.)  Looped animations – characters go through a set order of animation sequences, creating the illusion of interaction

2.) Gesture control – visitors can control the movement of characters via motion detection and gesture control systems, e.g. Kinect

3.) Experience controlled using a tablet / mobile device – different scenarios can be launched in real time during the experience

Pizza Hut Example

Users could choose from several AR scenes with different dance moves, with the help of a host, using an iPad.

Sharing Options

INDE's Snap Share System Captures the greatest moments of the Visitor experience Real Time

The branded photos and videos can be:

1.) Shared via e-mail

2.) Shared on social media
(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat)

3.) Printed onsite.

Pizza Hut Example

Immediately after showing off their best dance moves alongside the Pittsburgh Steelers star duo, visitors could access their snapshots and videos via a dedicated microsite – by choosing the date and time of their interaction – to share them via email or social media:

Pizza Hut Augmented Reality SnapShare opt.png

Branding Options

Broadcast AR Functions as the ultimate branding opportunity and media space

Through the following channels:

1.)  Product placement options (clothes, accessories, food and beverages etc.)

2.) Ad loops/images shown between visitor experience sections

3.) Brand logos appearing (I.) on screen, (II.) on photos and videos captured by the system and (III.) on floor stickers / stage props in the AR interaction area

4.) Branded custom AR scenes built around brand ID and specific campaigns / product launches.

Pizza Hut Example

Pizza Hut Super Bowl Augmented Reality.jpg

What’s in the box?

Your Broadcast AR package contains the equipment needed to install the system to a display / sound system of your choice.


What do you need to provide?

An outline of what you will be required to provide

All the below information is a recommendation, and should be discussed with an INDE representative.


Broadcast AR can operate on any display that accepts a HDMI or VGA input

Here's a list of recommended display devices as “best practice”:


Pizza Hut Super Bowl Augmented Reality Screen.jpeg