November 2, 2017 — HeroMirror, the world’s first Augmented Reality photo booth is now shipping worldwide. Built by Augmented Reality company INDE, the HeroMirror provides a next-generation immersive experience and transforms how people interact with digital characters using the unique affordances of AR.

Powered by INDE’s award-winning BroadcastAR Augmented Reality software, the HeroMirror promises to revolutionise user engagement due to its ability to “resurrect” any existing or imaginary character. INDE’s Augmented Reality photo booth places the lifelike three-dimensional version of anyone or anything in any location, allowing people to instantly meet, interact and pose with their favourite hero, villain, idol or other character as they step in front of it.

HeroMirror provides the ultimate entertainment solution and a whole new way for audiences of all ages to get up-close and personal with an endless range of potential characters the system is capable of displaying. A unique take-away allows users to make the moment last by choosing their favourite snapshot taken by the system, for instant printing or sharing it via email with just a few clicks.

Xava Fragoso, INDE’s Chief Product Officer said: “At INDE we pride ourselves on understanding the importance of a friction-free interaction using a range of augmented tools given our many years of experience. With HeroMirror we have the opportunity to re-think the one-on-one experience with 3D characters and deliver it in a beautiful and compact size for use anywhere in the world. ”


As an increasing number of institutions and companies in education and entertainment are looking at innovative ways to provide unforgettable experiences to their audiences, Augmented Reality has become one of the most sought-after technologies today, due to its ability to engage, educate and entertain in a unique way.

UK company INDE has already put life-sized digital dinosaurs, whales and jaguars into museums, zoos, theme parks and shopping centres worldwide.

Learn more about INDE’s large-screen and mobile Augmented Reality experiences here.

About INDE

INDE creates products and experiences that inspire, entertain, inform and educate using Augmented Reality and Computer Vision. Since 2011 the company has developed location-based and mobile products and experiences in over 40 countries for the world’s leading entertainment and education brands. Companies and institutions such as National Geographic, The Smithsonian Institution, BBC, Universal, 20th Century Fox, WWF and numerous others have chosen INDE to reimagine how they speak to the world.

Under the banner of Experience Engineering, INDE’s products and experiences endeavour to create deeper, more engaging interaction and integration between people and three dimensional digital content.

INDE currently operates offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Budapest and Los Angeles.


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