June 21, 2016 — A wonderful 3D Augmented Reality experience developed by INDE, originally created for WWF and Coca-Cola’s Arctic Home campaign in Europe, will be reappearing at Pandamonium, an event hosted by WWF-Canada in Toronto on June 23, 2016. Pandamonium will take visitors on a journey of the senses through a world of dramatic contrasts, it’s both a cautionary tale and a celebration of nature’s majesty.

INDE’s big-screen AR experience is expected to create an unforgettable immersive exploration of how wildlife, nature and people can thrive together. Arctic Home lets you make a lifelike connection to a polar bear and two cubs – it’s hard to resist reaching out to touch them, or jumping back from the splash as they dive into the ocean.

Video of the WWF and Coca-Cola’s Arctic Home AR experience - developed by INDE


The experience also helps raise awareness: polar bear habitat is increasingly at risk with the rapid loss of summer sea ice, used for travel, hunting and breeding. Funds raised through Pandamonium will help WWF-Canada continue to deliver its conservation goals. Over the past five years, Coca-Cola in Canada has contributed funds toward vital conservation work to ensure a viable future for polar bears through the Arctic Home campaign.

UK company INDE, creator of the Arctic Home AR experience, has already put life-sized digital dinosaurs, orcas and other wild animals into museums, zoos and shopping centres and event spaces worldwide. Their large-screen Augmented Reality system, BroadcastAR has been installed on every continent to get great crowds up-close and personal with some of the most magnificent creatures in 3D.

INDE has offices and representation in London, Budapest, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong and mainland China. Since 2011 the company has built award-winning AR systems worldwide for clients such as National Geographic, Smithsonian Enterprises, Beijing Aquarium, Universal Studios, BBC, 20th Century Fox and Coca-Cola.