October 5, 2016 — INDE’s Back to the Jurassic Augmented Reality experience, with a remarkable large-screen installation, makes an impressive debut at the first annual Dino Fest organised by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles on Sept 24-25, 2016.

Future paleontologists, dino geeks and Jurassic enthusiasts were given a special chance to get up-close and personal with the life-size 3D versions of some of the most mysterious creatures that ever walked the earth. BroadcastAR, INDE’s big-screen AR system allowed participants to stand side by side with a giant T-Rex and a pack of raptors, see a caulkicephalus fly above their head and meet other admirable creatures right from the Jurassic.

INDE's Back to the Jurassic BroadcastAR experience


This cutting-edge technology allows people to travel millions of years to interact with some beautifully detailed, incredibly realistic animated dinosaurs. “Augmented reality is not a technology, it’s a teleportation machine. It’s bringing back the extinct and then learning about out why they’re gone. It’s touching wild animals and learning about the fragile environment and our impact on it." said Alex Poulson, CEO.

With great crowd engagement and social sharing support, BroadcastAR provides a next-generation edutainment platform and a unique media space. INDE has also developed a mobile version of this captivating dinosaur experience: the Back to the Jurassic MobileAR application operates on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets to create unparalleled educational opportunities.

UK company INDE has created the most realistic 3D animals ever featured in AR experiences and given millions of museum, zoo, theme park and shopping mall visitors the unique opportunity to pet a leopard, meet a life-sized T-Rex and get splashed by orcas and dolphins, in hundreds of locations worldwide.

INDE has offices and representation in London, Budapest, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong and mainland China. Since 2011 the company has built award-winning AR systems worldwide for clients such as National Geographic, Smithsonian Institution, Beijing Aquarium, Universal Studios, BBC, 20th Century Fox and Coca-Cola.