5 Brilliant Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

Mobile continues to be a fascinating space for the deployment of AR. For many years expectation has sadly outweighed technical capability, but things are changing fast. Despite the inevitable gimmicks, the face apps, the inward-looking marketing campaigns, Augmented Reality provides real power in the right hands.

Since 2011, we've done hundreds of AR projects worldwide – Here's our top 5 favourite Mobile AR developments (in random order):

1. "Goodbye Rhinos" Mobile AR application

A MobileAR app that resurrected the world's biggest rhino sculpture built by Australian artists Gillie and Marc, to raise awareness and educate people about extinction caused by poaching. The app featured the photo-realistic, animated 3D versions of the last three Northern White Rhinos on earth, and provided a really powerful narrative to the artwork.

Learn more about the project here >>

2. "Walking With Dinosaurs" AR app 

In partnership with BBC, 20th Century Fox and Visit Isle of Wight, we developed one of the first location-specific Augmented Reality applications for the launch of Walking with Dinosaurs: The Movie. The AR app placed 6 fully-animated dinosaurs across some of the amazing landscapes of the Isle of Wight to allow people, for the first time, to really walk with dinosaurs.

3. MobileAR app for "Guinness World Records"

INDE brought the Guinness World Records book alive with a series of amazing animations. The AR app allowed users to immediately meet some of the biggest, best and weirdest record holders from all over the world, by pointing their device at selected pages – the world's smallest man, the most slam dunks by a parrot and the largest shark came alive right from the pages of the book.

4. "T-Rex Revealed" Augmented Reality app

One of our most challenging mobile AR developments – a travelling Augmented Reality dinosaur exhibition that was themed around National Geographic Channel’s blockbuster documentary Dino Autopsy. The installation, which combined a MobileAR app and INDE's Back to the Jurassic large-screen AR experience [BroadcastAR], drew 150.000 people on the opening day in Shanghai.

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INDE was commissioned by the DoSeum, San Antonio's Museum for Kids, to develop an AR tabletop game for children, which allows them to discover the possibilities of creating healthy and balanced cities.

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