INDE pioneers Augmented Reality Display Advertising with 7 Nationwide Brookfield Mall Properties

Leading Augmented Reality company INDE is proud to announce a ground-breaking partnership with Brookfield Properties to launch the world’s first augmented reality display network.

Brookfield is a premier retail property operating company with whom INDE will launch an Augmented Reality advertising network of 7 high-traffic screens in flagship malls across 6 US states with more to follow. Current locations for 2019 will be Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Altamonte, FL.

Using the most advanced Augmented Reality technology, INDE has designed a system that delivers branded immersive experiences on any large-format digital display in any retail space - a cutting-edge media space unlike anything currently on the market. The launch of this advertising opportunity is a huge step towards the future of interactive multi-subject advertising, redefining total engagement with on-screen media, and significantly increasing the value of that media space.

“For many years we’ve prided ourselves on massive engagement rates with our systems. Now it’s time to use that engagement power to benefit potential advertisers and consumers alike. This network provides a totally unique approach to launching campaigns and more. National coverage, engaged consumers and the potential for more. Perfect” said Alex Poulson, CEO of INDE.

By offering advertising space adjacent to award-winning 3D content, AR advertising provides the ultimate and highest-quality solution for brands seeking to revolutionise the way they engage, entertain and speak to the world. The AR media screens in the Brookfield network will provide app- and download-free interactions with 3D content that increases dwell times by 15-20 minutes, resulting in increased engagement with associated advertising and brands.

“We’re delighted that this project has come to fruition with such a forward-thinking partner as Brookfield. We discussed this concept internally at INDE over 5 years ago, but it’s taken time to identify a business partner with the resources and vision to adopt what’s a totally new media concept. We look forward to growing the opportunity that this multi-location network offers,” said Alex Alanson, COO of INDE.

All Augmented Reality screens will come ready to display a range of ready-made AR content from INDE’s award-winning 3D library. INDE will also be offering custom-developed 3D content and on-screen branding opportunities, as well as remote content updates across the screen network.

Statistical data obtained from over 200 large-screen AR installations worldwide suggests that 95% of viewers express an overwhelmingly positive reaction to AR content. Consequently the advertising media around Augmented Reality is able to benefit from significantly higher viewer engagement compared to traditional ad spots.

With plans to increase their Augmented Reality advertising network over the coming year, INDE and Brookfield are looking to ensure maximum national coverage through a well-established chain of prime-location screens.

INDE’s large-screen AR system, designed to create instant immersion and crowd engagement, has been a trusted tool used by National Geographic, Universal, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Pizza Hut, Adidas, Coca-Cola and more.

Brookfield Properties' retail group, formerly GGP, ranks among the largest retail real estate companies in the United States. Its extensive portfolio of mall properties spans the nation, encompassing 161 locations across 42 states and representing over 146 million square feet of retail space.

Under the banner of Experience Engineering, INDE’s products and experiences endeavour to create deeper, more engaging interaction and integration between people and three-dimensional digital content. INDE currently operates offices in the United Kingdom, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Budapest.

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