INDE's Broadcast AR experience drives footfall at the CORE shopping centre

In April 2019 the CORE in Calgary, Canada has joined the impressive list of shopping malls around the world that hosted BroadcastAR, INDE's award-winning large-screen Augmented Reality solution. Visitors had a chance to interact with three state-of-art AR experiences: Air, Land & Sea; Arctic Explorer; and Back to the Jurassic.

The technology caught the marketing team's attention after seeing a video of it. Marketing Director Allison Onyett said: "I looked at the video and I said, 'We have to have this in the CORE shopping centre'".

The installation was proven to be a great instrument to increase both footfall and engagement for the shopping centre. Caron Anderson, the Acting Marketing Director of CORE added: "With the overwhelming media attention received on this activation, we couldn't be happier with the month-long increase in traffic. As a centre, we saw an 8% increase in foot traffic, drawing shoppers in city-wide. Calgary definitely received an interaction like none other!"


Alex Alanson, INDE’s COO commented that “We’ve been in conversations with Cushman & Wakefield for a long time, and are delighted that a project materialised in one of our favourite countries! This project is further evidence of how simple our solutions are to deploy, and the Core’s active promotion of the installation has driven direct benefits to its key stakeholders - retailers in the mall.”

About INDE

One of the first projects for the UK-based company was developing a large-screen AR experience for National Geographic in 2011. Since then INDE has become a fully integrated Augmented Reality product developer, with more than 200 mobile, kiosk and big-screen AR systems deployed worldwide. Its client roster includes The Smithsonian Institution, EMAAR, Adidas, The BBC, Warner Bros, Pizza Hut, 20th Century Fox, INOX and numerous others.

As an increasing number of institutions and companies in entertainment, education, retail and commercial solutions are looking at innovative ways to provide unforgettable experiences to their customers and audiences, Augmented Reality has become one of the most sought-after technologies today, due to its ability to inform, engage, educate and entertain in an entirely new way.

INDE currently operates offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Budapest and Los Angeles.

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