AR Mobile App With Product Recognition Arms Consumers With an Instant Digital Information Package

– a pharmaceutical mobile Augmented Reality app developed by INDE – provides consumers with information on medications by recognising their packaging. The AR application, commissioned by Hikma Pharmaceuticals, offers users the chance to unlock product-related digital content using the product itself as a trigger.

After launching the app, by simply scanning the product packaging, general information about the medication, and a video guide are layered on top of the camera view, using Augmented Reality technology. Consumers instantly get all product-related information visualised at the touch of a button, with the least possible effort.

The concept – in fact, one of INDE’s next-generation retail solutions – behind the application is VyuFinder, a unique product recognition platform that revolutionises how shoppers connect with products. Using logo, product and packaging recognition, VyuFinder offers users the chance to explore and discover rich streams of media content that will drive engagement and sales.

Besides VyuFinder, INDE has recently launched three other Augmented Reality and Computer Vision products for retail – VyuPoint, a palm-sized device measuring human engagement in any space, VyuDisplay, a revolutionary digital display device for dynamic POS advertising, and VyuAR, a standalone AR display system placing immersive 2D and 3D content on top of any retail window display.

Alex Poulson, INDE’s CEO said: “Retail provides one of the most exciting avenues for the usage of AR and Computer Vision. VYU, our retail arm, will aim to provide products that entertain, engage, inform and measure in equal amounts to help retail transform and answer the challenges that lie ahead.”

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