February 2, 2017  London, UK and Seattle, WA, Feb 1,  2017 – INDE, developer of award-winning interactive and immersive Augmented Reality experiences in entertainment, education and marketing, and Motion Workshop, a leading developer of inertial motion tracking technology announce a 12-month technology partnership for LiveAvatar, a next-generation AR experience with live gesture and speech control.

LiveAvatar, INDE’s plug-and-play 3D character control system creates unparalleled levels of entertainment in a fully gamified, interactive AR environment within a large-screen setup, perfect for education, entertainment and brands to engage their audience in a whole new way. Shadow, Motion Workshop’s full-body wireless motion capture system will allow 100% live interaction between the audience and any 3D character controlled by an actor in real time. As a result, the system will be able to “digitally resurrect” any existing or imaginary character so people can interact with its life-sized 3D version in any location worldwide.

INDE’s CEO Alex Poulson said: “We’re incredibly proud to partner with Shadow to take our LiveAvatar augmented reality system to the next level around the world. Erik, Luke and the team are exactly the kind of like-minded, forward-thinking group we love to partner with. We look forward to working with them closely over the coming months to deliver some next generation experiences in some exciting new areas. 2017 promises to be a great year for LiveAvatar and its usage in education, entertainment and beyond.”

"INDE has always been ahead of the curve in use of new technologies such as augmented reality and live performance capture. We're excited for the opportunity to partner with INDE on the LiveAvatar project," said Motion Workshop co-founder Erik Bakke. "Shadow motion capture technology will bring a new level of immersion, interactivity and realism to AR experiences using LiveAvatar.  2017 is going to be a very exciting year for real-time interactive AR and VR, and LiveAvatar is posed to be a market leader in the space."

UK company INDE develops using cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality and Computer Vision to create next-generation platforms that change the way people interact with content. Since 2011 INDE has launched AR systems on every continent for clients such as 20th Century Fox, National Geographic, The Coca-Cola Company, the Smithsonian Museum, Universal Studios, BBC Worldwide, GE, and Guinness Book of World Records amongst others.

Motion Workshop was founded in 2007 to make high-quality, easy to use motion sensing solutions available to a wider audience. They have supplied their inertial sensing software and hardware products to customers in many industries, including video game production, simulation and training, sports science and biomechanics research.