June 20, 2016 — INDE's giant-screen Augmented Reality experience has been launched at the Montreal Biodome, as a key feature of the summer programme, announced by Space for Life (Espace pour la vie) today. The Polar Experience in the city of Montreal, Canada will be open to visitors until September 5, 2016.

Space for Life brings together the city's four most prominent natural museums - the Biodome, the Insectarium, the Botanical Garden and the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium - and invites visitors to rethink the ties between human beings and nature. With that in mind, INDE's breathtaking BroadcastAR live Augmented Reality experience will not only keep Biodome visitors entertained, but also deliver them an important conservation message. 

The Polar Experience, installed on a large screen, immerses users in the frozen wonders of nature, enabling them to observe and interact with some of the most amazing creatures in a way like never before. It gets participants incredibly close to a beautiful killer whale, a polar bear and other photo-realistic animated 3D animals.

Alex Poulson, INDE's CEO said: “What we are building using AR is a new way to educate people about history, about the natural world, about everything they ever dreamt of experiencing but never could. Augmented Reality is not a technology, it’s a teleportation machine. It’s touching wild animals and learning about the fragile environment and our impact on it. It’s about recreating situations and environments that train, educate, inform and entertain by experiencing them first-hand.”

UK company INDE has created the most realistic 3D animals ever made using AR technology and given millions of museum, zoo, theme park and shopping mall visitors the unique opportunity to pet a leopard, meet a life-sized T-Rex and get splashed by orcas and dolphins, in hundreds of locations worldwide.

INDE has offices and representation in London, Budapest, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong and mainland China. Since 2011 the company has built award-winning AR systems worldwide for clients such as National Geographic, Smithsonian Institution, Beijing Aquarium, Universal Studios, BBC, 20th Century Fox and Coca-Cola.