September 1, 2015 — INDE’s Air, Land & Sea Augmented Reality (AR) experience - in collaboration with the National Geographic Society - is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of people every year, with a permanent installation at the Toronto Zoo opened in June 2015.

Air, Land & Sea, allows visitors to get up close and personal with a diverse range of animals from Africa to the Arctic as they graze, drink and interact with the environment around them. A truly amazing and unique experience... but let the video speak for itself!

INDE has created the most realistic 3D animals ever made using AR technology, and these breathtaking licensed experiences, compelling as both media space and edutainment platforms, are now available for both rental and permanent installation anywhere in the world.

Speaking of the collaboration: “We have come to realise that what we are building is a new way to educate people about history, about the natural world, about everything they ever dreamt of experiencing but never could," said Alex Poulson, INDE's CEO. "It’s about recreating situations and environments that train, educate, inform and entertain by experiencing them first-hand. It’s about democratising exploration and using it to educate in the greatest way imaginable. We’re very proud to do this alongside National Geographic.”

On behalf of the National Geographic Society, Abigail Bysshe, Director of Museum Partnerships said: "National Geographic was first introduced to INDE's BroadcastAR work four years ago with the system they installed in Hungary for our Channel partner. There was so much buzz around their work, I knew that we had to develop an experience that could not only work as a stand-alone system, but pair well with our photography exhibitions. Air, Land, and Sea really brings National Geographic to life allowing the public to experience our brand in a whole new way. The world debut installation at the Toronto Zoo is a perfect example of the possibility of this kind of experience. The Zoo has used the highly interactive BroadcastAR in combination with National Geographic's stunning photography to highlight the work it is doing to ensure the ongoing survival of the worlds' most vulnerable species."

Besides an unimaginable level of crowd engagement, the system also provides a unique revenue opportunity: INDE’s SnapShare module creates picture and video snapshots for sharing through social media or on-site printing.


Cover Photo by ©Michael Nichols/National Geographic