Published: Aug 10, 2015
Background image @Julius Csotonyi

INDE Appshaker has announced a promising partnership with paleoartist and natural history illustrator Julius Csotonyi, who has now become the Director of Dinosaurs at the company specialising in Augmented Reality (AR) systems featuring 3D animated characters, with special focus on these amazing extinct creatures.

INDE’s new Director of Dinosaurs first started drawing at age three, with a dinosaur illustration. Since then he has earned worldwide recognition, collaborated with several major museums and worked closely with scientists from around the globe. His scientific background has impelled him to strive to create images of dinosaurs and their environments that are as realistic as possible, and that is another perfect match with INDE’s philosophy of creating photo-real, quality content only.

Paleoartist Julius Csotonyi

Paleoartist Julius Csotonyi

“My goal is to suspend the disbelief of the viewer as much as possible and help them to imagine what it would have been like to walk among these amazing animals in unfamiliar environments long lost in the mists of time,” said Csotonyi. “The INDE team achieves this objective to a very impressive extent, by visually incorporating the viewer into scenes with realistically rendered moving models of animals, tricking the mind into the ultimate suspension of disbelief through a fully interactive augmented reality experience.”

Speaking of the collaboration, Alex Poulson, CEO of INDE said: “What we are building using AR is a new way to educate people about history, about the natural world, about everything they ever dreamt of experiencing but never could. It’s about recreating situations and environments that train, educate, inform and entertain by experiencing them first-hand. Having someone like Julius Csotonyi on the team, with such a long history of dino illustration at the highest level worldwide, is a real honor. We are unable to share any further details at the moment, but a brand new group of dinosaurs is coming soon, and with the contribution of Julius the experience will definitely reach unparalleled levels.”



One of INDE’s best AR creations featuring dinosaurs is the Back to the Jurassic BroadcastAR experience for large screens, in which the audience travels time and interacts with some beautifully detailed, stunningly realistic 3D animated dinosaurs. People can see themselves side by side with a life sized T-Rex and a pack of raptors, with a caulkicephalus flying above their head, among some other wonderful creatures right from the Jurassic.

The T-Rex from INDE's Back to the Jurassic AR experience available for licensing

The T-Rex from INDE's Back to the Jurassic AR experience available for licensing

With great crowd engagement and its social sharing support, the Back to the Jurassic is a great media space and provides a unique platform for entertainment, education and advertising. The system featuring INDE’s SnapShare module allows immediate share of picture and video snapshots through social media channels.

INDE has also developed a mobile version of this fantastic dinosaur experience. The Back to the Jurassic MobileAR application operates on iOS and Android smartphones, tablets and wearable devices to create incredible augmented reality experiences.