Bring the miracle of the Moon Landing to your space or event

with Hero Mirror, an Augmented Reality photo booth

As part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing, our HeroMirror AR photo booth will now allow your visitors to interact and take pictures with a brand new character – an animated 3D astronaut. Want something completely new? Choose your own custom characters.

HeroMirror – available worldwide – does not only provide a plug-and-play solution, but is also ideal for any location with limited space size. The system creates instant snapshots for immediate share via email or on-site printing, which can be turned into a valuable branding and revenue opportunity.

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Ready-made astronaut character for Hero Mirror:


About Hero Mirror

Standalone Ar photo booth for any space or event

INDE’s next-generation Augmented Reality mirror lets users meet and interact with some of the greatest animated characters around through a totally unique immersive experience. HeroMirror is a highly effective tool to attract and engage users in entertainment, event and other spaces.

Powered by INDE’s award-winning BroadcastAR augmented reality software, the HeroMirror promises to revolutionise user engagement one smile at a time.

Custom Astronaut character ideas for Hero Mirror:


Further custom character ideas for Hero Mirror:


Astronaut scene from INDE’s “ Traveller ” BroadcastAR experience

Astronaut scene from INDE’s “Traveller” BroadcastAR experience