Bring the miracle of the Moon Landing to your space or event

An Augmented Reality experience for large screens

About INDE

INDE develops award-winning interactive and immersive products and experiences in entertainment, education and advertising. We develop using emerging technologies – Augmented Reality, Motion Capture and Computer Vision – to create next-generation platforms that change the way people interact with digital content.

Since 2011 we have launched augmented reality systems on every continent for clients such as American Express, 20th Century Fox, National Geographic, Coca-Cola, WWF, Smithsonian Institution, Universal Studios, BBC Worldwide, GE and Guinness Book of World Records amongst others.

About Broadcast AR

Cinematic Augmented Reality experience on any screen

INDE's award-winning BroadcastAR system installs a customisable, interactive 3D AR experience on any screen large or small. It creates a unique edutainment and media platform capable of attracting, engaging and educating individuals and groups, through a mixture of the real world and digital content.

Users can learn, explore and touch the untouchable while immersed in cinema quality 3D environments and interact with photo-realistic characters in real time.

Astronaut scene from INDE’s “ Traveller ” BroadcastAR experience

Astronaut scene from INDE’s “Traveller” BroadcastAR experience

BroadcastAR enables your team to educate
100-150 groups of 3-10 visitors daily.

95% of visitors express measurable positive reactions, which significantly influences the overall visitor experience.

The AR experience can increase engagement time within the exhibit space by at least 3-12 minutes.


“Moon landing” Augmented Reality experience

Featured animated 3D characters / scenes:

1) Apollo Lunar Module appears

Apollo Lunar Module.jpg

2) Astronaut:

  • leaves the Lunar Module

  • plants flag and poses for a picture


3) Lunar Roving Vehicle:

  • LRV appears

  • Astronaut leaves the scene on LRV

Lunar Roving Vehicle.jpg