Mobile AR – Augmented Reality app development

Immersive experience on everyday devices

INDE’s MobileAR application platform operates on iOS and Android smartphones, tablets and wearable devices to create incredible Augmented Reality experiences straight out of the box.

MobileAR is a creative and highly effective education and entertainment tool that adds an extra layer of information – content such as 3D characters, image, video, text, sound and more – to everyday objects and environments. 

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MobileAR can resurrect anyone or anything from any mobile device to create unparalleled educational opportunities in and out of the classroom.

Exceptionally high-quality 3D content can be triggered by simply pointing the device at an object or print image/logo, but also via GPS location, sound recognition and much more.

Our MobileAR experiences allow users to create snapshots of the enhanced real-world environments and feature online sharing to get your message out to the world.

Ready-made and custom Augmented Reality content development for Mobile AR: