INDE's Augmented Reality Experiences can transform your space or event into a Winter Wonderland!

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Christmas is an essential time for almost every business. We know it's vital for marketers to plan holiday activity ahead of time, so that's why we’re offering our two winter-themed AR content packs for the price of one to all customers who book any INDE BroadcastAR Experience during June 2019.

Discover our off-the-shelf solutions and impress your customers or visitors with a unique, state-of-art experience this year!

Arctic Explorer

Immerse yourself in the freezing arctic wilds with “Arctic Explorer”, INDE's polar Augmented Reality experience. From polar bears to orcas, the Arctic Explorer BroadcastAR system lets you get up close and personal with some of the most magnificent creatures in the world.

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Ice Age Encounter

Ice Age Encounter takes viewers back to the last ice age where they can meet mysterious extinct creatures - such as the Woolly Rhino, the Woolly Mammoth with its calf. Besides getting up close and personal with these fascinating mammals from the Pleistocene epoch, viewers get to interact with two playful Arctic Foxes.

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Why Broadcast AR?

INDE's award-winning BroadcastAR system installs a customisable, interactive 3D AR experience on any screen - large or small. This creates a unique edutainment and media platform capable of attracting, engaging and educating individuals and groups, through a unique blend of real world and digital content.

Visitors can learn, explore and touch the untouchable, while immersed in cinema-quality 3D environments, and interact with photo-realistic characters in real time.


Engage & educate your audience
BroadcastAR enables your team to educate 100-150 groups of 3-10 visitors daily.

Increase visitor satisfaction
95% of visitors display measurable positive reactions, significantly influencing the overall visitor experience.

Provide next-generation immersion
The AR experience can increase engagement time within the exhibit space by at least 3-12 minutes.

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Still don't feel the Christmas spirit? Customize it!

Although our content packages doesn't include Christmas characters, our team of experienced designers can add any element you’d like. Here are some inspiration.

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We're proud that we have been working with the world's leading entertainment and education brands on location-based experiences in 40+ countries throughout the years.

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