6 Great Examples of Zoos Using Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality technology does not hold a magic bullet in terms of triggering interest in young people, and protecting zoos and aquariums from ever-growing competition. On the other hand, these organisations have to understand they are starting to lose a generation of young people who demand interaction from any experience.

BroadcastAR, our large-screen AR experience, is not only a stunning mixture of physical and digital, but also a wonderful opportunity for visitors to connect with wildlife in a unique, fun and engaging way – Here’s how some of the most forward-looking zoos, nature parks and aquariums have implemented it to take visitor experience and engagement to the next level:

1. Toronto Zoo, Canada

2. Phillip Island Nature Parks, Australia

3. ViaSea Aquarium, Turkey

4. Longleat Safari Park, United Kingdom

5. Melbourne Zoo, Australia

6. Aquarium of the Bay, United States