Working with leading retail clients and brands worldwide, our development, content and commercial teams at INDE can deeply connect with the fact that the challenges related to (1) generating foot traffic, (2) influencing and enhancing the customer journey, and (3) integrating digital and physical advertising / sales channels are immediate.

We are supporting store owners and retail brands across all development stages in increasing both on-property and in-store foot traffic and customer engagement, through the following AR platforms:

1. VYU AR (Previously Retail AR) – A next generation of interactive retail display

VYU AR utilises conventional digital signage to create a multi-faceted, interactive window display system to re-imagine POS and digital store windows. The solution drives foot traffic from the storefront into the store through brand ID, marketing materials, products and custom-made interactive AR experiences. Given INDE’s Content Management System, the VYU AR displays can be easily controlled in any location worldwide from a central source.

2. VYU Finder – Product recognition connecting physical and digital worlds

The powerful product recognition tool allows any type of product-related information and content to be triggered by the actual product. Our team first demonstrated VYU FINDER in February 2018, during the NGA Show in Las Vegas, through examples such as a Vans shoe triggering sample data and a Barilla pasta box triggering recipe ideas.

3. VYU Point – Real-time engagement metrics

The idea of INDE’s standalone computer vision device was triggered by the need of measuring the engagement of the audience at our installations. It gives insight into customers’ behaviour in any space, and delivers data that is of vital importance when it comes to sales, marketing and staffing decisions.

4. Broadcast AR – Cinematic Augmented Reality experience for large screens

The powerful BroadcastAR system and media player installs a customisable 3D Augmented Reality experience on any screen creating an immersive media and entertainment platform. BroadcastAR attracts and engages individuals and groups, through a mixture of real world and digital content. The system can host 3D animations, infographics, complex visualisations and simple advertising loops in video format to leverage the engagement created.

5. Hero Mirror – Standalone Augmented Reality photo booth

INDE’s next-generation interactive kiosks let customers meet and interact with branded content and characters. Operating on a kiosk size footprint, the HeroMirror platform offers the ultimate entertainment and advertising solution in any location with limited space. The system can create instant snapshots for immediate share via email or on-site printing, which can be turned into a valuable branding and revenue opportunity.

6. Mobile AR – Immersive experience on everyday devices

INDE’s MobileAR application platform operates on iOS and Android smartphones, tablets and wearable devices to create Augmented Reality experiences. MobileAR is a highly effective advertising, entertainment and customer education tool that adds an extra layer of information and content such as 3D animations, image, video, text and sound to everyday environments.

In short, our teams support shopping mall developers and brands with next-generation retail display systems, utilising Augmented Reality and Computer Vision technology to enhance the customer experience inside and outside of store, driving foot traffic and revenue.

For a truly comprehensive retail AR product offering, our solutions also provide the opportunity to measure customer engagement real-time, allowing effective reporting and content adjustment across platforms and locations!

We are extremely excited to venture into 2018 and very curious to hear your thoughts and questions below / in PM!


At INDE we are building commercially viable AR solutions to support our clients and partners in leveraging future opportunities now.

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