February 13, 2017 — As we roll out our LiveAvatar augmented reality system, I thought was important to explain what it does, why it does it, and what those things mean for museums, zoos, aquariums, malls, events and more.

We have been pioneering the use of live control AR since 2012. We see it as a natural extension of systems like BroadcastAR, a system that allows group augmented reality experiences without an app or a touchscreen. BroadcastAR continues to be a runaway success across the world, with intalls in 40+ countries and a growing user base in everything from retail to zoo exhibitions.

So with BAR driving entertainment and education already, what does LiveAvatar add to that package?

Live 2-way Conversation

Our LiveAvatar system allows real time communication between a user or group on the ground. Put simply, a user on the ground can have a conversation with any animated character in whatever format is desired. Live conversation allows the actor/controller to create variable length lessons/experiences, with almost any content that can be imagined. Want Lincoln to discuss the intricacies of the US Constitution with a group of hard to please, digital native 12 year olds? This is your solution.

Interactive Spaces

While the core of our LiveAvatar system will be a human-controlled, humanoid character it has interesting twist. Each character can trigger new 3D content at the touch of a button. Want to show the group a 3D model of a car whilst teaching history of transportation? One click triggers a Ford Model T right next to them. Want that then to morph into an exploded view for a more in-depth discussion? Just one more click. LiveAvatar offers unlimited options for group teaching and presentation that can transform that way we illustrate our points.

Unlimited Characters

Our lovable rogue SEAN has been the mainstay of LiveAvatar since its inception. Yet SEAN is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what LiveAvatar is capable of. From medieval knights to robots, Abraham Lincoln to the legend of Spongebob, LiveAvatar allows the character to teach the subject while maintaining the level of engagement usually only seen in the gaming industry.

Install Anywhere

The problem with new technology is it requires a whole new technology framework right? LiveAvatar works anywhere, and connects to any screen or projection system through our BroadcastAR framework. We've installed it everywhere from deserts of Saudi Arabia to a wet and windy car park in Trinidad.

Save the Moment

As with our BroadcastAR systems, our image and video sharing system SnapShare integrates directly with LiveAvatar. All the images from interaction are kept and delivered directly to our custom designed sharing module online. Images and videos can be sold or shared for free on site.

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Written by Alex Poulson, CEO of INDE, an Augmented Reality company