September 7, 2015 — Museums, visitor centres, zoos, aquariums and education boards are now looking at augmented reality as a tool to educate and entertain the younger, app-wielding generation Y and beyond. To help those considering it all, we give you a short and sweet feature and benefit list for the next internal meeting when your colleague says they don’t “believe in technology”. Trust us, we understand your struggle.



FEATURE: An iPad/Android based augmented reality application can recognise existing print material, GPS locations, sounds and objects to start an experience of any kind.

BENEFIT: An augmented reality application can be retrofitted to existing spaces or exhibition designs to unlock new layers of content from video, text, audio or 3D. In short, it can create a visual tour guide application for the next generation that is adaptable, updatable and viewable without extensive hardware.


FEATURE: Augmented reality applications can display 3D content in a real world camera views.

BENEFIT: Augmented reality’s ability to display 3D objects in a real world setting can effectively resurrect people and objects that were previously unviewable. People and characters from hundreds of years can be “brought to life” in front of users with a consumer level device that most now have in their pocket.

Jurassic by INDE Appshaker


FEATURE: Augmented reality applications can display multiple pieces of 3D content in a real world camera view simultaneously.

BENEFIT: With modern AR applications capable of showing a large amount of 3D and animation it is possible for mobile applications to render and display entire building interiors and exteriors to allow people to move around inside them.


FEATURE: Augmented reality applications can act as “viewers” of 360 degree environments in 3D and photo.

BENEFIT: With mainstream VR a little way off, AR can turn everyday devices into to VR viewers of entire rooms and worlds within a simple app.


FEATURE: Augmented reality applications can built to include conventional gaming techniques and interactivity.

BENEFIT: Including gaming techniques into the augmented reality experiences creates unlimited interactivity which is a cornerstone of how Generation Y interact with entertainment content.