Here's what Clients have said about us and our Augmented Reality experiences...


Since 2011 we have developed location-based and mobile products and experiences in over 40 countries for the world’s leading entertainment and education brands – below are some of the written testimonials we've received from them:

It was incredibly easy to work with INDE. They came up with the storyboard, worked with the filmmakers and created exactly what we were after. All we had to do was give final approval. We will definitely work with INDE again in the future, they made my life incredibly easy.
— Laura Triptree, Senior Marketing, 20th Century Fox

INDE created an experience that went well beyond our expectations. They were a pleasure to work with and were incredibly flexible and creative on the content and delivery of the event & experience. I would not hesitate to work with them again.
— Nicki Parker, Corporate Communications, WWF
The amazing Augmented Reality piece INDE created really brought the Arctic home experience and the plight of the polar bears to life in an engaging and thrilling experience for media and consumers.
— Joan O’Connor, Head of Brand PR, Coca-Cola Europe

INDE’s creative insight, combined with their great technical acumen, made them the perfect partner for us as we sought to bring the world of record-breaking to life in our new book. The end result is a truly fun and amazing experience – a visual and experiential treat for Guinness World Records fans everywhere, we couldn’t have done it without INDE who were with us all the way.
— Stuart E. F. Claxton, Marketing Director, Guinness USA

There was so much buzz around INDE’s work, I knew that we had to develop an experience that could not only work as a stand-alone system, but pair well with our photography exhibitions. Air, Land, and Sea really brings National Geographic to life allowing the public to experience our brand in a whole new way.
— Abigail Bysshe, Director, Museum Partnerships, National Geographic

Just wanted you and your team to know we are thrilled with the outcome of the Jurassic Park content for our Universal augmented reality setup.
— Kirsten Saleh, Director, Co-Brand Acquisition, American Express

Our visitors instantly engage with the animals before them, beneath them, and around them. Children are awe-struck and adults become children again, and they all have one thing in common – the smiles on their faces. We have fulfilled our promise.
— Roland Pick, Communications Officer, Phillip Island Nature Parks
It was well worth it. Even if you went to Antarctica you probably wouldn’t have the same experience. The augmented reality screen was awesome!
— Anonymous Visitor, Phillip Island Nature Parks

Nobody can be left indifferent before the huge impact and presence of digital development in our daily life, and we want to be the hub who offers inspiring experiences to our audience
— Min-Jung Jonsson, Head of Creative Development, Tekniska Museet (Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology)

Visitors of our Ice & Cosy White Christmas Street Fair were thrilled by the augmented reality experience, which offered them the chance to step into the arctic and play with polar bears and penguins. That’s not something you get to experience every day!
— May Lam-Kobayashi, Head of Public Affairs Department, Swire Properties

The AR system is proving to be a great attraction for children and families, and plays a great part in the success of the exhibit. The first weekend alone has seen the participation of 48.000 people. Collaborating with INDE has been a very positive and productive experience, and based on this success we are sure we will find new opportunities to work on new projects with INDE in the future.
— Lorenzo d'Auria, Marketing Manager, National Geographic Italia, GEDI

The Cosmosphere wanted to incorporate a fun interactive experience for its visitors into a stale environment at the museum entrance. INDE and its BroadcastAR Experience were selected by the Cosmosphere to provide its visitors with a new engaging exhibit. Patrons have really enjoyed interacting with the augmented reality characters and sequences and it’s not just the children, it’s been a hit with adults too.
— Jim Remar, President/COO, Cosmosphere

BroadcastAR is a great family activity, the perfect way for children to learn about wild animals in a fun and memorable way. What’s amazing about it is that you instantly become an active participant and get to explore some beautiful and distant worlds. The AR experience is very straightforward and intuitive which makes it perfect for group interactions, and the installation was smooth and professional, thanks to INDE.
— Fernando Oliveira, Amoreiras Shopping Administrator

We have installed INDE’s BroadcastAR system in several Songcheng parks across China, and it was always a pleasure to work with the INDE team onsite. The BroadcastAR experience was effective in attracting crowds, adults and children alike enjoyed it enormously.
— GE Chen, Deputy General Manager of Hangzhou Songcheng Park (West Lake Area)

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