Episode 3 (Sep 2017) – Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality

AR and VR have existed for a long time, however, currently there’s quite a lot of phrases flying around in the industry, often causing serious confusion regarding these technologies. Mixed Reality is a relatively young term, but is the actual technology behind it in any way different from Augmented Reality, or it just a marketing play, a convenient way for certain companies to distinguish themselves from others by “owning” a phrase? What are the advantages of AR and MR compared to Virtual Reality, can these two (or three?) technologies be compared at all? So many interesting things to discuss about all the realities out there.

In this episode our CEO Alex, CTO Norbi and CPO Xava discuss the differences between Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality, talk about the limitations of AR, dispute the usefulness of 3D visualisation in certain cases, and also analyse the role of Pokemon GO in the history of AR...


Music Winter Boulevard by Minuit De Lacroix
Photo Mike Wilson