Episode 2 (Aug 2017) — From a digital agency to an Augmented Reality company

INDE began as a digital agency called Appshaker in 2009, and walked into AR by accident. Ironically, our first project never happened as the technology wasn’t ready back then, but from that point onwards we turned the direction of the entire business, and Appshaker became almost purely an Augmented Reality development company. We were working on a project for National Geographic back in 2011 – that is when we came up with the initial concept of BroadcastAR, a standalone Augmented Reality system that went on to entertain and educate millions in 40 countries and counting. 

In this month’s edition our CEO Alex, CTO Norbi and CPO Xava talk about where it all began, the challenges, successes and failures along the way. They are also walk you through the development process, share behind-the-scenes information on some of our ongoing and upcoming projects, and discuss things that have led us to have launched Augmented Reality systems in more than 150 locations worldwide...


Music Winter Boulevard by Minuit De Lacroix
Photo Mike Wilson