Augmented Reality - put simply - is overlaying digital content on a real-world camera view. Bud did you know that AR is so much more than just a technology? It is a next-generation edutainment platform that:

1. ENGAGES - Augmented Reality stops people in their tracks, regardless of their age. Quality content is critical though, as that is what creates a perfect mixture of digital 3D and real world elements. Can you tell the difference between "real" and "3D" in the below video?


2. ENTERTAINS - You forget about everything else as you get immersed in beautifully detailed digital environments and get up-close and personal with photo-realistic 3D characters you can interact with...


3. EDUCATES - AR is like a teleportation machine. It lets you touch the untouchable, bring back the extinct and then learn about why they are gone. It's touching wild animals and learning about the fragile environment and our impact on it.


Who will benefit from Augmented Reality in the long term? Well, all of us... AR will soon be everywhere and it will change the way we consume and interact with content. Entertainment and education are being revolutionized. 

The entertainment industry has been growing steadily over the past few years, however, this growth cannot be limited to purely larger facilities but rather to a diversified and cutting-edge approach to the mix of experiences. Museums can also no longer rely on dioramas alone, they must become more dynamic and should aim to bring history alive in a more interactive and engaging way to meet the expectations of the younger generation. Zoos should consider bringing digital animals closer to visitors than ever before, putting children side by side with some of the most amazing creatures and educating them about endangered or extinct species. Whatever the facility is, implementing new technologies is inevitable and Augmented Reality will play a central role in this transformation.