INDE designed a markerless augmented reality application on iOS and Android that allowed users to get up close and personal with some of the record breakers. Users were able to see the world's tallest man on their table, fly the world's smallest helicopter or stroke the world's largest spider right in the comfort of their own home.

As well as helping sales of the book, the application give GWR valuable event content and also allowed the public to share their experiences with the mobile AR app by sharing snapshots immediately on Facebook, Twitter and via email. "Every year we try and make the Guinness World Records book as exciting and engaging an offering as possible and INDE helped us to do that this year. Their creative insight, combined with their great technical acumen, made them the perfect partner for us as we sought to bring the world of record-breaking to life in our new book. The end result is a truly fun and amazing experience. Literally jumping out of six pages of our book, INDE were able to create 3D animated versions of some of our most memorable record-breakers such as the world's smallest man and largest spider! A visual and experiential treat for Guinness World Records fans everywhere, we couldn't have done it without INDE who were with us all the way." Stuart E F Claxton - Marketing Director, Guinness USA.